Fruit Infusion

Fruit infusions, or fruit teas, are compositions of fruits, berries and spices that often taste very flavorful and sweet. Their natural sweetness is also the reason why they are very popular with children and people who enjoy soft drinks. Also, in contrast to tea made from tea leaves, they are completely free of caffeine, making them a wholesome beverage for everyone.

Since they are not limited to a certain plant, like black and green teas are, fruit infusions can consist of an inexhaustible range of ingredients. Combined with herbs, spices and natural aromas they can be suited to every taste. Most blends are delicious as either hot or cold drinks, so they are perfect to heat up a crisp winter’s day but also to stay cool in the summertime. ALTHAUS tea proposes a selection of easy-to-prepare Iced Tea recipes that combine fruit teas on ice with juices or syrups for a delicious summer beverage.


Typical ingredients of fruit infusions include rosehip, hibiscus and apple pieces. A successful combination of these three cares for the colouring, flavor and fragrance of the tea. Added fruit pieces and the occasional berry cater to individual tastes.


A classic recipe for a quick-and-easy fruit iced tea is to brew up ALTHAUS Fruit Berry tea in a concentrated amount, add some sugar syrup and a sip of lime juice and pour freshly over ice cubes. This is just one of many original ALTHAUS fruit tea ideas.

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